In this strange time in the world we know a lot of you are finding yourselves working from home indefinitely AND many of you for the first time. As veteran #WFH’s we have put in the hours, made the mistakes and come out the other side with a few tricks up our sleeve. So…ready to be productive?

Keep scrolling for our top FIVE RULES to keep the emails flowing and your sanity in tact. You’ve got this!

1. Get Dressed

Day one of working from home and you are jazzed to find you can answer emails from bed with your morning cup of coffee in one hand and the news on in the background (and by news we mean Hoda and Jenna obviously). You think to yourself “this is the life!”……STOP. Put the coffee down.

Rule number 1 of working from home: ALWAYS get up and get dressed. And by dressed we don’t mean sweatpants. Getting dressed sets the tone for the day and keeps us from getting a little too comfortable during work hours. 

2. Make Your Bed

Just trust us on this one. A made bed is way harder to take a nap in…


3. Set Up a Designated Workspace

Find a space in your home and designate it as your office. Make sure you have an outlet near by, a quiet environment, a chair that will support your back for a full day and/or a counter at the right height to stand. We prefer to move out the bar stools and stand at the kitchen island. The height is right and we find ourselves our most productive when standing during work. 

Looking for ways to make your workspace clutter free and calm? Be sure to check out: Our Top Tips to a Zen Workspace

4. Make A Schedule

We prefer to block out our day in  30, 60 or 90 minute increments. This includes the time we get up to the time we put our computers away. Not sure what should be scheduled? We made a handy list below….

  • The usual suspects such as client calls, emails, tasks etc.
  • Lunch break
  • 20 min walk
  • The beginning and end of your work day
  • Two 20 min meditations (we use the Headspace App!)
  • A workout

5. Set a Firm End of Work Time

One of the things that you learn over time working from home is that it is just as important to have a quitting time as it is to have a schedule. It can be really easy to find yourself still working at midnight. BUT in order to keep your sanity and creativity in tact for the long haul, we’ve found that setting strict end of day hours is key!