A Professional Photographers Top 3 Tips to Shooting Products At Home (+ all the gear)

Visuals are a powerful way to communicate a brand message and sell product.

And making sure your product images are unique, clear and on brand is imperative, especially in today’s visual world. So what do you do when you are short on budget, time…or both?!?! Little Social Co’s resident photog, Talia, is breaking down her tips to getting the shot at home, plus all the gear you need to get it done!

From international brands, to influencers, product shots to lifestyle images- Talia has shot it all. So when she gives us notes, we take them down! See below for her TOP 3 TIPS to getting a great shot…

2. Shoot with a Wide Aperture

The key to a great to the perfect photo? Shoot with a wide aperture so you can keep your product the center of attention.

3. Keep it Light & Dark

Looking for an airy and clean look? Stick to natural light and shoot close to a window. And don’t be afraid of shadows. Harsh, dappled or just a hint- they will add interest to your image. Be sure to use a reflector or white bounce card to fill shadows if you are looking for a softer look.