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You’ve set your intentions, raised a glass to 2019 and are setting off for your best year yet….but have you set up your workspace? Your business goals may be filled to the max but your workspace doesn’t have to be!

We’re of the opinion that the best work is done in a clean space, and research agrees. Increasing productivity, focus and information processing are just a few of the benefits of clearing the clutter. Added bonus? It’s an excuse to design or re-design your space. So…whether you work from home, inhabit a cubicle or the corner office. We’ve rounded up our top 3 tips to a zen workspace that you can implement now!


Opt for neutral colors in an earthy palette to keep even the most hectic of workdays calm. The perfect backdrop to mix and match accessories, it will allow your workspace to blend seamlessly into a multi-function room.




While most of our work these days is paperless, we still find that piles seem to build up here and there. That’s why we schedule 10 minutes weekly to toss what we don’t need and organize what we do. Strategically arranged desk drawers keep the essentials handy and allow us to completely clear our desks at the end of each day…leaving more time to get to the work and less time searching for that thing we lost.


*Our tip: It may seem simple enough to organize your desk BUT this article by Apartment Therapy breaks down the method we prefer, step by step!


The right temperature, the perfect sounds…we invest so much time in creating the perfect environment for other activities in our lives (hello perfect nap!).

But we often fail to make our work day a priority in the same way. Instead we rush to work, hop on our emails and before we know it the day has ended. Instead of succumbing to the rush we plan our days in 30 to 90 minute increments and set the mood for our day at the outset. A half hour of journaling, some peppermint essential oils and meditation does the trick. There is no right way to set the tone for your work day but choosing to set one can make all the difference.